Considerations When Using Metal Beads

Using metal beads in home jewelry making is an excellent idea, because there are so many different shapes, sizes and colors of bead available on the market today. They are very easy to work with, however there are some things that you should take into account if you choose to create something with metal beads when you are more used to working with other types of material.

Because metal beads or globules weigh slightly more, you have to be sure to use crimp beads at the end of your string of beads and before the clasp or fastener on your jewelry item. The extra weight of the globules can cause them to slide up and down the cord or chain with more force, and without the buffer effect that crimp beads provide, the metal globules could easily cause irreparable damage to the clasp. In one of the worst case scenarios, the clasp could become so damaged whilst you are wearing the jewelry that it become impossible to remove, and you will somehow have to cut through the cord or wire whilst you are wearing it, in order to get free, which would effectively ruin the item of jewelry.

The weight of the metal beads may also make them inappropriate to use with certain sorts of cord or threading materials. The extra weight can put a lot of strain onto the material which the beads are threaded onto, so you should take this into account when you are deciding what to use, because you do not want it to snap whilst the bracelet is in use. If you are planning on using string or cotton, you should also take into account that the fabric will become frayed because of the extra friction these beads create, which will also make the material much more likely to snap.

If you are making a jewelry item for a friend and you are planning on using metal beads, you should remember that some people are slightly allergic to some types of metal. Nickel is the most common offender so take extra care when using metal beads which contain nickel. Although most people who are allergic to nickel items do not feel any discomfort, the area of their skin which has come into contact with the nickel may turn an unpleasant shade of green. The nickel beads may also go greenish. However, some people also find that their skin is irritated by the allergy. Many plated metal beads are nickel beads which are coated with a thin layer of silver or gold, and although these are much less likely to cause the wearer a problem, they are may still cause issues to the wearers. If you are planning on selling your homemade jewelry, you should always declare to your buyers that the jewelry contains components that are made of nickel. If you want to sell your items it may actually be worth making your items out of a metal which is not nickel, so that they will appeal to a wider range of people.