Jewelry Care: Caring for, Cleaning, and Storing Your Precious Jewelry

Your jewelry matters. Whether it holds monetary or sentimental value, or both, your jewelry is special. So how do you keep the jewelry looking it is best? Most people believe some damage is to be expected. Not so. There are a few simple measures you are able to choose to use ensure that your precious jewelry is within as perfect condition because the day you got it.

When not to wear your jewelry:

One the easiest way to maintain your jewelry looking positive is knowing when not to wear it. Many people never get their jewelry off, for sentimental reasons. But the fact is that you have many routine activities which could damage, or even destroy, your precious jewelry. Examples of those activities include:

Gardening: Aside from taking your jewelry dirty, gardening is probably the easiest ways to chip or lose precious stones, in addition to scratch gold or platinum jewelry. Remember that gold is certainly a soft metal, and platinum, while about twice as strong as gold, remains easily scratched.

Household cleaning: You should never wear your jewelry while doing household cleaning! Many common cleaning solutions contain chemicals that could damage or discolor precious gems or metals. Also, while doing housework, you are guaranteed to rub your jewelry against abrasive materials. When it comes to gold even dust may be abrasive enough to accomplish damage.

Swimming: The chlorine in pools are capable of doing extensive harm to your jewelry. Chlorine can pit and discolor gold, along with go ahead and take polish from precious gems. Chlorine will also do harm to settings, causing gems to come loose, and greatly enhancing the probability of losing them.

Sleeping: Yes sleeping! While sleeping you may unconsciously brush your jewelry contrary to the sheets. The dust in your sheets, or even the sheets themselves, provides for a fine abrasive, which, with time, will wear down the settings of your respective rings. If you must wear you ring to bed, you ought to turn the ring in order that the gem is facing the palm of the hand. This way it’s not as likely into the future touching abrasive materials.

You also need to avoid extreme temperature changes. For example: If you are wearing a hoop in the spa tub (which you need to not do to begin with) and also you then decide to jump right into a cold pool, your diamond would probably crack, or perhaps shatter!

When deciding whether or to not wear your jewelry you ought to don’t use anything but sound judgment. If you imagine that you might be doing something rough, or if you believe you could possibly touch chemicals or abrasives, it’s advisable to not wear your jewelry. Better safe than sorry.

Cleaning your jewelry:

Cleaning your jewelry is basically easy enough. The best way to clean your jewelry is as simple as soaking it in warm water which has a mild liquid detergent or soap. After letting your jewelry soak for three or four minutes rinse it off under running water (make sure the drain is closed), after which pat it dry which has a soft lint free cloth or paper towel. You should clean your jewelry often to prevent needing to go with a jeweler for costly and harmful cleaning methods.

There are many home remedies and old wives tales coping with how you can clean jewelry. Most of the nearly not work, and also can be extremely harmful to your jewelry. Some examples of these include:

Toothpaste: One of the most common home remedies for cleaning jewelry is using toothpaste. You should absolutely never use toothpaste to completely clean your jewelry! Toothpaste is abrasive. While this is a good thing for cleaning plaque off your teeth, it will scratch gold and softer gems.

Boiling water: Many people believe that boiling jewelry in water is a superb way to clean it. In fact boiling is among the most effective to destroy fine jewelry. Boiling your jewelry can crack or discolor gemstones, even diamonds.

Ammonia: Ammonia is okay to work with on diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, and often will damage other gemstones. Ammonia should only be used on unfilled diamonds. Fracture filled diamonds will not be cleaned in acidic solutions or ammonia.

Professional polishing solutions: Professional polishing solutions have a very mild abrasive inside them. This abrasive is likely to make your gold jewelry shine, however it will even scratch the gold.

Cleaning your jewelry often can make it sparkle and shine. Diamonds especially ought to be cleaned regularly, as they naturally attract grease. A clean flawed diamond can look ten times better than a dirty flawless one.

Storing your jewelry:

Proper storage is an essential element in keeping your jewelry in good condition. Remember that gold and platinum are soft materials, understanding that diamonds are one of the hardest substances ever made. If you store your jewelry together your diamonds, rubies, and sapphires will scratch your silver and gold coins, in addition to chip other, softer gems, such as emeralds. You should always store your jewelry pieces separately. Many people love to store their jewelry in lock boxes, or in your own home, inside freezer. These are both poor ways for jewelry storage. The dry atmosphere of a lock box damages your jewelry, as the extreme cold of an freezer can crack or shatter precious gemstones. The best place to keep your precious jewelry is at a jewelry box with lots of separate compartments. Most jewelry boxes are lined with soft, un-abrasive materials, which will not scratch your jewelry. A good jewelry box will come with lots of compartments, which not simply showcase your jewelry beautifully, but in addition protect your jewelry from scratching and chipping. Jewelry boxes may also be beautiful in and of themselves. A quality jewelry box is often handmade of lovely wood floor, and cunningly contrived to showcase your jewelry in the stunning fashion. When storing your jewelry there is absolutely no alternative to a quality jewelry box. Here is a go page to view different styles available in a very jewelry box.

Where is the better location to get a jewelry box:

To experience an concept of the several styles and prices available in a jewelry box it’s far more convenient to see them online before doing your research at local retail stores.

Retail stores and jewelers will sometimes have a small selection of jewelry boxes, but you’re more more likely to look for a greater selection online. Just type “jewelry box” into an Internet search results like Google or Yahoo and you are going to find several reliable websites that specialize in jewelry boxes.

The cost of the jewelry box is determined by many variables. In solid hardwood, a jewelry box should cost about $100 to $300 determined by size, but fancy jewelry boxes could cost considerably more.

Let your jewelry shine:

Would you want your jewelry to appear more stunning than ever before? Would that suits you your jewelry to realize compliments whenever you use it? Caring for your jewelry is really worth your time and effort. Not only will good care and storage extend the life of the jewelry, it will also build your jewelry sparkle and shine for the first time.

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