The Tarahumara Folks of Copper Canyon, Mexico

When it involves Mexico, most people have a tendency to associate travel with beachside resorts, or the urban attractions of Mexico City. However, traveling off of the beaten path can result in an experience that is truly unique, including seeing a few of Mexico’s native tribes’ one-of-a-kind cultures. 

Copper Canyon tours from companies like Eco AlterNATIVE Tours could possibly be the only way to see Tarahumara culture without impeding on the lifestyle. Touring Copper Canyon Chihuahua with a Tarahumara Indian guide with studies in Anthropology, visitors reach start to see the culture at the job, as well as access to the better sights when planning on taking in the natural vistas unique to the spot. This area is renowned because of its mountain ranges – and undoubtedly, the canyon it is known as after. Actually, for many who prefer to see impressive natural formations, the Copper Canyon is really bigger than and deeper than the United States’ Grand Canyon.

An amazing thing about the Tarahumara culture is their need to live according to with their own beliefs, and a willingness to refuse modern conveniences and only a civilization predicated on culture and nature. They have a tendency to migrate with the changes of season, searching for higher, cooler ground in the hot Mexico summers, and lower, warmer areas through the winter. They are simply spiritual, believing that harmony with natural surroundings is paramount to life, which is especially admirable in an area that has lately been the focus of both deforestation and mining activity. The results of the activities are that a lot of the area’s natural wildlife and greenery are actually threatened by extinction.

They have retained their traditional language, a significant feat considering Spanish became the native language of the united states following the Spanish invasion in the 16th century. However, the Tarahumara people retain use of an understanding of the language – which is inspired by Aztec. Interestingly, there are multiple dialects within the language itself, with researchers estimating five or even more.

That is exactly why Copper Canyon tours led by experienced and knowledgeable locals could possibly be the easiest way to see this area of Mexico – without affecting the surroundings or the Tarahumara people who have any negative or harmful activities. Unfortunately, large tour companies often take big groups to these unexplored regions, leaving trash and remnants with their visit after they leave. Which means that conservation efforts in your community are impeded. Again, a native tour guide is the only path to ensure that no footprint is left in the region.

When it involves unique travel experiences, seeing – and appreciating – an all natural environment and untouched culture is just about the sought-after. However, discovering the right ways to do it’ll finally lead to the most success, so look for ways to explore Copper Canyon without harming it.